A long four years

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A long four years

Post by Mikey » Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:50 pm

It has been a long four years without Basewars. There does not appear to be any OG-style LmaoLlama type basewars servers in existence anymore. Well today, that changes.

I have recreated the old basewars servers with a few small fixes and twists. Here's a small list and the reasoning behind it:

- Map changed to Evocity, Bangclaw was getting old and Evocity has much better base potential. This map is also far better for vehicles.

- Money, Ranks, Bans, Gems, and Donations have been wiped from the database.

- PointShop v1 has been removed and changed to PointShop v2, which uses PAC3 and is much nicer.

- Customizable Weaponry was on Version 1.0 when the server went down in 2014, it has since been updated to 2.0, which is far more optimized and quite frankly, looks a whole lot better too. As a consequence of this change, gems are available to be mined, but are unable to be spent at this time.

- Income tax has been removed. This was a memorable mistake that just about everybody hated, so it is now gone.

To do in the coming days:

- Add Vehicles

- Modify prop protection and prop health systems

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